Associate Professor Duck-Young Lee


Duck-Young Lee

A/Professor of Japanese language studies
PhD (ANU) MA (Tsukuba) PGDip (TokUni of ForStu) BA (KoogJey)
The Australian National University
School of Culture, History and Language, College of Asia and the Pacific

Duck-Young Lee is a Reader and Associate Professor at School of Culture, History and Language. His research interests are in Japanese-Korean linguistics, sociocultural linguistics, spoken discourse, and Japanese teaching methodology. He has a series of publications on a range of topics in spoken discourse, such as particle omission (2002, Journal of Pragmatics), the floating connectives (2002, Sekaino Nihongo), sentence-final particles (2007, Journal of Pragmatics; 2013, Common Ground), person subject omission (2008, Journal of Pragmatics) and imperatives and directive strategies (2017, John Benjamins). Research outcomes of these topics have been integrated into his Japanese textbook, Nihongo ga Ippai (2010, Hituzi Shobo; 2018 second edition), which reinforces the acquisition of the natural form of the Japanese spoken conversation skills. In recent years, he has continued researching on spoken discourse in connection with the teaching methodology, for example, spoken grammar (2022, Journal of Japanese Language), as well as has expanded his interest to the culture-language interrelation, for example, person reference terms (2015, KSAA selected papers) and the use of names in conversation (forthcoming, John Benjamins). For more information see:

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Japanese Language
Korean Language

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