Vera Mackie at the New women, modern girls workshop

The Japan Institute is pleased to co-sponsor with the Korea Institute the New Women, Modern Girls in Global Asia Workshop.

The phenomenon of the “New Woman” and “Modern Girl” was truly global in the early twentieth century.  It emerged within the context of an unprecedented flow of capital, materials, people, and images via colonial routes, capitalist economies, globalizing mass media and overseas travel, all of which contributed to shaping new gender norms and bodily performance. East Asia was no exception to this global trend. Each country was in a different political and economic condition—Japan was a colonial power, Korea was one of its colonies, and China was a semi-colonized country. The local manifestations of New Woman, Modern Girl in East Asia offer a fascinating example that sheds new light on the interplay not only between the local and the global but also between the local and the regional, especially given the three countries’ geographic proximity and shared cultural legacy (e.g. Confucian tradition). 

The workshop brings together experts on the gender history of East Asia to discuss some of the most distinctive features of the phenomenon of New Woman, Modern Girl in each country and how those features reflect both national particularities and global trends. The workshop will pay special attention to the intersecting influences on New Woman, Modern Girl within the region that came about through the print media, educational institutions, churches and feminist movements. 

Panelists include: 

Professor Vera Mackie, Wollongong University

Dr Brian Tsui, Postdoctoral Fellow, Australian Centre on China in the World, Australian National University

Professor Hyaeweol Choi, Korea Institute, Australian National University

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