Two Moons Over Europe: Translating Haruki Murakami's 1Q84

Anna Zielinska-Elliott was educated in Poland (Univeristy of Warsaw, MA and PhD) and Japan (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, MA). She is a translator of modern Japanese literature into Polish and teaches Japanese language, literature, and translation at Boston University. She has translated The Temple of the Golden Pavilion and Modern No Plays by Mishima Yukio, Kitchen by Yoshimoto Banana, 7 novels and about 30 short stories by Murakami Haruki. She has also recently published a guidebook to "Murakami places" in Tokyo. 

In contrast to the situation with most Japanese novels, Haruki urakami's 1Q84 came out in a number of European languages before it appeared in English in fall 2011. This talk analyzes the results of a survey of European translators of 1Q84 conducted by Anna Zielinska-Elliott and the Danish translator, Mette Holm. It considers how the process of translation was altered by the absence of the "hegemonic" English version and discusses whether the European versions are in fact more "faithful" to the original in creative ways.

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