Tenrikyo Joyous Life Lecture

Name of presenter: Mrs. Louise Sasaki (佐々木ルイーズ)
Residence: New Jersey, USA 

She was first introduced to the Tenrikyo teachings while pursuing a master's degree in Dance Ethnology at UCLA. Her thesis, The Tenrikyo Sacred Dance, The Symbolic Use of Movement, was published by Oyasato Research Institute in the Tenri Journal of Religion. 

She founded Ternikyo Fellowship of Joy (Fukyosho) in New Jersey in 1985 with his husband Noriyuki Sasaki. 

She has served as a lecturer of Joyous Life Lecture in England and Amsterdam. She has been an Associate Instructor in Music Performance at Columbia University for 4 years for the Columbia University Gagaku Ensemble. She teaches "Ryuteki" and the other instruments in the ensemble: "Gakubiwa", "Gakuso" and the three percussion instruments - "Taiko", "Kakko and "Shouko". She has a 3-hour class once a week and performances every semester on campus. The ensemble has also performed at The Lighthouse School of Music for the Blind in Manhattan and at the Kyu-Sougakudou in Ueno Park, Tokyo.

The lecture will give a brief introduction to the teachings of the Tenrikyo religion, the founder, Miki Nakayama, and including a brief history of the beginning of the religion and early growth. The main ritual, The Kagura Service and Teodori Sacred Dance will be discussed, in conjunction with several main points of the teachings, such as Joyous Life, and "a thing lent, a thing borrowed," and hinokishin, showing their relationship to the ritual. Then it will be shown how these doctrinal ideas have contributed to the modern development of the religion through the support and dissemination of traditional art forms such as Gagaku and Gigaku, and world class sports and music programs within Tenrikyo and internationally in cultural centers such as Tenri Cultural Institute in New York. 

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