Special end of year forum - Contemporary crises in the Asia-Pacific - towards a post-US hegemonic era

The forum will bring together leading scholars to discuss contemporary crises in the Asia and the Pacific region.

The year 2013 ends with Australian-Indonesia relations in crisis, the exposure of the US (NSA) and its allies practice of “listening” to all and any communications around the world, China proclaiming an East China Sea ADIZ that Japan and other countries angrily reject, the US “pivot” to Asia degenerating into the despatch of intimidatory B52 bombers to the China coast, a National Security Council about to commence work and a Special Secrets Law strongly reminiscent of the 1925 Peace Preservation Law just passed by the Diet in Japan, multilateral negotiations continuing towards a regional Trans-Pacific Partnership that involves large institutional changes on the part of many countries and is being conducted in secret, and mounting pressure on Okinawa to allow the conversion of its Yambaru forest and coral sea region into a huge military installation to accommodate the US Marine Corps.

Talk of East Asian or Northeast Asian Community has receded. Optimism is at a premium. Neo-liberal policies widen the gap between “rich” and “poor” and swell the ranks of the “precariat” throughout the region. Military budgets rise and military exercises (“war games”) grow larger and more serious.

The omens are not good. The panel includes expertise of various kinds and different disciplines, and will attempt to see patterns and meaning in recent events. Discussion and questions from the floor are welcomed.


Guest contributors inlcude:

>Mark Selden (Emerituts Professor, Cornell University; Binghamton University, and coordinator, The Asia-Pacific Journal – Japan Focus)

>Tessa Suzuki Morris (Professor, CHL, ANU), Professor Geremie Barme' (CIW, ANU)

>Geremie Barme (Proessor, Director, CIW, ANU)

>Gavan McCormack (Emeritus professor, ANU, and coordinator, The Asia-Pacific Journal – Japan Focus)

>Hamish McDonald, former foreign editor, The Sydney Morning Herald, visiting fellow ANU)

>Hugh White (Professor, Strategic Studies, ANU)

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