Seminar - The China Syndrome?: Nuclear Power Growth And Safety After Fukushima

The ANU Japan Institute and Australia-Japan Research Centre jointly invite you to attend the following event as part of 2015 Japan Studies Seminar Series and AJRC Seminar Series.


Since the Fukushima disaster in Japan, the Chinese government, like several other countries, has undertaken several measures to improve the safety of its nuclear facilities, while simultaneously committing to a rapid expansion in the country’s nuclear power capacity. We ask whether there is a tension between these twin commitments. To do so, we examine China’s record of implementation of nuclear safety measures in the four years since Fukushima, and investigate how nuclear safety interacts with other priorities in shaping decisions about inland nuclear power stations and nuclear reactor design choice. We argue that where safety measures do not conflict with other priorities, the record of implementation since 2011 has been relatively strong. However, where safety measures compete with other priorities—the economic interests of local governments and nuclear corporations, and central government energy and development targets—we find that safety is not always the primary concern.


Dr Amy King is a Lecturer in the Strategic & Defence Studies Centre at The Australian National University and an Early Career Academic Fellow at University House, ANU. She is a specialist on Chinese foreign and security policy, China-Japan relations, and the international relations and security of the Asia-Pacific region. Amy received her D.Phil in International Relations and M.Phil in Modern Chinese Studies from the University of Oxford, where she studied as a Rhodes Scholar. Her forthcoming book with Cambridge University Press examines the post-WWII rebuilding of economic ties between the People’s Republic of China and Japan. The book is based on hundreds of declassified documents from the Chinese Foreign Ministry Archive, gathered during extensive fieldwork in China between 2008 and 2012. Other research has been published with Modern Asian Studies, East Asia Forum, Asan Forum, and the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

About the Japan Studies Seminar Series

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