Roundtable: Speaking to contemporary artist Kiki Ando - Highest Mountain and Deepest Bay Exhibition

At this Roundtable, Melbourne-based artist Kiki Ando will speak to her work Highest Mountain and Deepest Bay together with textile researcher and catalogue contributor Dr Ricarda Bigolin and Rafaela Pandolfini the curator of her exhibition.

In her talk, Dr Bigolin will present an overview of the outlier practices between fashion, art, and design, particularly in the context of performance, where bodies influence materials to behave and act intuitively, rather than adhering to institutionalised visual arts and design disciplines.


By considering the broader conditions around Kiki Ando’s work, her lecture will examine the nuances of such outlier practices

Co-Presenters: Kiki Ando (artist), Rafaela Pandolfini (artist & curator) and Ricarda Biglin (designer and fashion scholar, RMIT)
Chair: Carol Hayes, ANU


VIDEO RECORDING of this seminar.





Kiki Ando is a multi-disciplinary artist who works across textile, ceramics, performance and design, based in Melbourne. Born in Shizuoka, Kiki grew up near Mt.Fuji - hence the highest mountain and Suruga Bay the deepest in Japan both of which ground her artistic creativity. She studied fashion, and costume design. After practicing Butoh dance in Japan, contemporary dance in Java in Indonesia and Melbourne, she now explores multi-disciplinary artistic outputs through costume and physical performance in her body of work.

Dr Ricarda Bigolin is a designer, educator and researcher, currently holding the role of Associate Dean of Fashion and Textiles Design, at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

Three strands interconnect the practice of Sydney-based artist and curator Rafaela Pandolfini – she photographs movement, documents her own life, and organises shows. Rafaela is the curator for Kiki Ando’s 2021 Japan Foundation’s ‘Highest Mountain Deepest Bay’ Solo Exhibition. 


The ANU Japan Institute Seminar Series is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-Japan Foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. 



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