Japanese Studies Seminar Series - Blended learning for the rest of us: a practical approach to integrated course design

This week's presenters will be Dr Mark Gibeau and Jun Imaki, Japan Centre, School of Culture, History and Language.


Blended and online learning still carry with them the image of a highly complex and involved design process that requires a strong technology background to initiate and maintain. While we agree that specialised skills are necessary to develop effective online or blended learning classes, the tools embedded in widely used learning management systems such as Wattle or Moodle have advanced to the point where it is not the technological skills but the pedagogical skills that teachers have honed and improved over their years of experience that are critical to success. That is, it is not so much what tools one employs (or how nice they look) but how they are employed and how they are embedded into the design of the course as a whole.

In this presentation we will discuss how we used basic Wattle tools to completely redesign our intermediate Japanese classroom.  We will show how technology can be employed to create a more responsive student centred environment, to cultivate student autonomy and to greatly improve the efficacy of instructor and tutor contact and marking hours.

The Japanese Studies Seminar Series is a fortnightly seminar hosted by the ANU Japan Centre during Friday lunchtimes.  Each fortnight an ANU Japan-related scholar shares their research with the group for discussion.  All are welcome to attend the series and engage with our Japan scholars on their research.

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