Japanese history through cinema series: Baburu e go!! (Bubble Fiction: Boom or Bust)

BABURU E GO!! (Bubble Fiction: Boom or Bust) Dir. Baba Yasuo, 2007. 116 mins.

Our history-through-cinema series ends with something light. Bubble Fiction: Boom or Bust is a mix of comedy, sci-fi and romance starring heart-throbs Abe Hiroshi and Hirosue Ryōko. Hirosue plays the daughter of a time-machine inventor, who is sent back in time to 1990 to warn of the asset bubble and prevent the implosion of the Japanese economy. The film is an affectionate look back from the austere early 21st century to the fun-filled late 80s/early 90s, when Japan was dripping with wealth and hedonism. Fun is duly poked at the hairstyles, fashion, celebrities and slang of those times.

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