ACT Open Kendo seminar and competition

The ACT Open Kendo seminar and competition is being hosted by the ANU Kendo Club – which has a membership of some 40 practitioners, known in the martial arts world as kendoka.

Sounds of bamboo swords connecting with metal armour and shouts and foot stamps from the duelling kendoka will ring out at the ANU Sports and Recreation centre.

They make a lot of noise to express the intensity of the battle.

ANU Kendo Club member Sharyn Wragg, who has been practicing the discipline for close to 16 years, says the weekend event will be a great display of the Japanese martial art.

“While the emphasis of the event is to develop the skills of novice practitioners, it also aims to provide high-level competition for Australia’s best kendoka who are vying for a position on the Australian team,” Wragg says.

“So far more than 50 participants from ACT and NSW kendo and kumdo clubs, most of which are university-based, have registered for the event, which will see men and women compete against each other in grade-based divisions.”

The concept of kendo, one of Japan’s oldest martial arts, is to discipline the human spirit through the principles of the katana (a Japanese sword).

Kendoka in modern competition use flexible bamboo swords, known as shinai, to strike their opponents in armoured target areas including the head, wrists, torso and throat.

Members of the public are invited to watch the competition on Sunday from the mezzanine area of the sports centre.

To find out more about the weekend event or the ANU Kendo Club contact Sharyn Wragg on 0418 624 242 or email

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