Society, culture & literature

Dr Ruth Barraclough

(School of Culture, History and Language)

Labour history in Japan and Korea; gender studies in Japan and Korea; Korean modern history ; the factory girl in Korean literature; literary translation; kisaeng and sex work; histories of bonded labour; socialist cultures; Red Love; Korea's Early Communist Women.

Dr Adam Broinowski

(School of Culture, History and Language)

Modern and Contemporary Japanese performing arts, visual art and film; Political Aesthetics and War in the 20th century; Postcolonialism; Political philosophy; Memory and Embodiment theory; Nuclear histories

Associate Professor Cate Frieman

(School of Archaeology & Anthropology )

Prehistoric ornamentation and identity in Northeast Asia and Japan; Material culture studies; Archaeological theory.

Dr Mark Gibeau

(School of Culture, History & Language)

Modern and contemporary Japanese literature; the problem of subjectivity in the Japanese postwar literary left; literary translation; translation theory; Okinawan fiction

Associate Professor Carol Hayes

(School of Culture, History & Language)

Japanese language; Taisho poet Hagiwara Sakutaro and the ‘modernist’ movement in Japan; Japanese postwar literature and film.

Dr Christopher Hobson

(Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs)

International political theory, ethics, democracy, liberalism,  non-traditional security, human security, natural and technological disasters, nuclear energy, artificial intelligence. 

Mr Shun Ikeda

(School of Culture, History and Language)

Japanese language, education, culture and society; comparative education in Asia, and socio-linguistics (language policy and planning)

Dr Yasuko Hassall Kobayashi

(School of Culture, History & Language)

Inter-Asia and the Pacific Migration and Mobilities, Migration and Disasters, Inter-Asian Labour Migration, Japan and Australian Transnational Connections during WWII, War and Mobilities/Migration, Minorities in Asia and the Pacific, Postcolonial Studies.

Dr Uchralt Otede

(School of Culture, History and Language)

Cultural anthropology; religion, folk beliefs and Qigong practice;

Dr Caroline Turner

(Research School of Humanities and the Arts)

Contemporary Asian and Pacific Art (especially Japan and Indonesia); Museums and museology; Art and Human Rights; Cultural Diplomacy.

PhD Students

Catherine Hallett

Music in Kamigata Rakugo (Chair of panel: Dr Carol Hayes)

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