Science & medicine

Dr Juan Filipe Torres Alvarez

(ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science)

Dr Torres's research interests are in complex transport phenomena involving heat transfer and fluid mechanics, with applications in energy, environmental and biomedical engineering. He is particularly interested in experimental and theoretical mass diffusion, solid-gas interfacial transport and natural convection phenomena. He has first-authored publications in renowned journals on various topics: nonlinear dynamics and chaos, natural convection, thermodiffusion, multicomponent diffusion and phase-shifting interferometry.

Professor Brian Anderson

(Research School of Engineering)

Circuits; signal processing and control; distributed control of multiagent systems; sensor network localization; econometric modelling

Emeritus Professor David Green

(Research School of Earth Sciences)

Experimental petrology; Horoman Peridotite Complex, Japan

Dr Kathleen Griffiths

(Centre for Mental Health Research)

Health information systems; mental health; public health and services; epidemiology; preventative medicine; comparisons of mental health stigma in Australia and Japan

Emeritus Professor Brian Kennett

(Research School of Earth Sciences)

Seismology and seismic exploration; geophysics; geodynamics; acoustics and acoustical devices; waves;

Dr Mitsuru Kudo

(Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science)

Principal investigator, A qualitative enquiry into practitioners' reflection on science communication in Japan

Dr Sean Perera

(Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science)

Science communication policy in Japan; communication studies; teacher education and professional development of science educators; science education in multicultural, inter-cultural and cross-cultural contexts

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