Professor Tomoko Akami

(School of Culture, History and Language)

Japan's news agencies and foreign policy; Japan's information policy in the 1930s; International relations; Asian history; Historical studies; Government and politics of Asia and the Pacific; Political theory and political philosophy. 

Associate Professor Simon Avenell

(School of Culture, History, and Language)

Modern Japanese history; civic activism, civil society, and state-society relations in contemporary Japan; political thought in contemporary Japan; environmental history and environmentalism in contemporary Japan; transnational aspects of contemporary Japanese history; Japan in East Asia.

Dr Ruth Barraclough

(School of Culture, History and Language)

Labour history in Japan and Korea; gender studies in Japan and Korea; Korean modern history ; the factory girl in Korean literature; literary translation; kisaeng and sex work; histories of bonded labour; socialist cultures; Red Love; Korea's Early Communist Women.

Honorary Professor Beatrice M. Bodart-Bailey

Asian History, pre-modern Japanese history

Dr Adam Broinowski

(School of Culture, History & Language)

Nuclear issues (nuclear weapons, nuclear energy); Modern and Contemporary Japanese History, Culture and Society; History, Memory and Reconciliation; East Asia; International Politics; Film, Theatre, Dance.

Professor Robert Cribb

(Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs)

Repatriation of Japanese war criminals; Asian history; government and politics of Asia and the Pacific; professional ethics 

Dr Yasuko Hassall Kobayashi

(School of Culture, History & Language)

Inter-Asia and the Pacific Migration and Mobilities, Migration and Disasters, Inter-Asian Labour Migration, Japan and Australian Transnational Connections during WWII, War and Mobilities/Migration, Minorities in Asia and the Pacific, Postcolonial Studies.

Emeritus Professor Ann Kumar

(School of Culture, History and Language)

Early Japanese history; the nation-state in contemporary Southeast Asia; Indonesian politics; Asian history and cultural studies; Postcolonial studies; Indonesian Islam; The impact of the West on Indonesia; Indonesian history and writing traditions; Javanese theatre.

Associate Professor Roald Maliangkaij

(School of Culture, History & Language)

Consumption And Everyday Life, Musicology And Ethnomusicology, Social And Cultural Anthropology

Emeritus Professor Gavan McCormack

(School of Culture, History and Language)

Modern Japanese (and East Asian) political, intellectual and environmental history; changing views of nature in the course of modernisation in Japan and East Asia; regional environmental history; struggles over the definition of past (especially China and Pacific wars) and future (beyond capitalism and the Cold War) identities in Japan; North Korea as regional and global problem in early 21st century.

Emeritus Professor Tessa Morris-Suzuki

(School of Culture, History and Language)

Grassroots social and environmental movements in Japan, and in Northeast Asia more generally; border controls and migration in East Asia; national identity and ethnic minorities in Japan; modern Japanese historiography; human rights in Asia; globalization processes (with particular reference to Northeast Asia); memory and reconciliation in Northeast Asia; the Fukushima nuclear accident in social and historical context

Professor Li Narangoa

(School of Culture, History and Language)

Modern Japanese and Mongolian history, culture and politics; Japan's relations with other Asian countries and its colonial history, education, religion, literature and military; modern Mongolian history; identity and cities

Dr Keiko Tamura

(School of Culture, History and Language)

Australia-Japan relationship; Japan in Australian moving images; women and migration; expatriates in Japan; war and memory; Asian history; Pacific history (Excl. New Zealand and Maori); Australian history (Excl. Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander History); social and cultural anthropology.

Dr Keiko Tamura

Australia-Japan relationship; Japan in Australian moving images; women and migration; expatriates in Japan; war and memory.

Dr Shuge Wei

(School of Culture, History and Language)

Sino-Japanese war; modern Chinese history; media policy and international communications; grassroot movements in Taiwan and China.

PhD Students

Alison Darby

(School of Culture, History & Language)

Danton John Leary

Performing the "Sacred Trust" - A Comparative Study of Japan and Australia's Experience with the League of Nations Mandates System (Chair of panel: Dr Tomoko Akami)

Joowhee Lee

(School of Culture, History & Language)

Andrew De Lisle

Sub-imperialism of the Japanese government-general of Korea, 1910-1931 (Chair of panel: Professor Narangoa Li)

Yon Jae Paik

(School of Culture, History & Language)

Younghye Whitney

(School of Culture, History & Language)

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