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The Australian National University

Climate change and Japanese wood mice: ANU graduate wins JSPS fellowship

The ANU Japan Institute would like to congratulate former ANU PHD student Dr Hannah Widley on her recent Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) fellowship.

Hannah will begin a 2-year JSPS fellowship this month with the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute in Morioka, Japan. Hannah's PhD was on the nutritional ecology of brushtail possums. Her research in Japan will also involve studying the diet of mammalian herbivores, with the title, “Temperature-dependent increases in the toxicity of natural plant compounds: A far reaching effect of climate change”.

Liver function in mammals may be altered by changes in ambient temperature, which may result in a reduced capacity to cope with toxic compounds in the diet. Hannah will be investigating the effect of ambient temperature on the toxicity of acorns eaten by wild Japanese wood mice. This research will improve our understanding of the diet choice and survival of native Japanese rodents and the continuing long-term health of Japanese forests.

More information on the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science can be found on their website


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