Society, culture & literature

Dr Ruth Barraclough

(School of Culture, History and Language)

Labour history in Japan and Korea; gender studies in Japan and Korea; Korean modern history ; the factory girl in Korean literature; literary translation; kisaeng and sex work; histories of bonded labour; socialist cultures; Red Love; Korea's Early Communist Women.

Dr Adam Broinowski

(School of Culture, History and Language)

Modern and Contemporary Japanese performing arts, visual art and film; Political Aesthetics and War in the 20th century; Postcolonialism; Political philosophy; Memory and Embodiment theory; Nuclear histories

Associate Professor Thomas Dubois

(School of Culture, History & Language)

Religion in China and East Asia; Japanese media in Manchuria

Dr Cate Frieman

(School of Archaeology & Anthropology )

Prehistoric ornamentation and identity in Northeast Asia and Japan; Material culture studies; Archaeological theory.

Dr Mark Gibeau

(School of Culture, History & Language)

Modern and contemporary Japanese literature; the problem of subjectivity in the Japanese postwar literary left; literary translation; translation theory; Okinawan fiction

Dr Carol Hayes

(School of Culture, History & Language)

Japanese language; Taisho poet Hagiwara Sakutaro and the ‘modernist’ movement in Japan; Japanese postwar literature and film.

Mr Shun Ikeda

(School of Culture, History and Language)

Japanese language, education, culture and society; comparative education in Asia, and socio-linguistics (language policy and planning)

Dr Olivia Meehan

(Centre for Art History and Art Theory)

Japanese modern and contemporary art; early Modern Japanese painting;  cross-cultural and intercultural engagement; first encounters; diaspora and migration; transnational studies; identity building ·        

Dr Jill Miller

(Research School of Social Sciences)

Ageing in Japan and China; time banks and the aged in Japan

Dr Caroline Turner

(Research School of Humanities and the Arts and the School of Cultural Inquiry)

Contemporary Asian and Pacific Art (especially Japan and Indonesia); museum and museology; Art and human rights; cultural Diplomacy; Asian cultural studies and literature; Art theory, history and criticism

Dr Wuqiriletu

(China in the World Strategic Research Fellow)

Cultural anthropology; religion, folk beliefs and Qigong practice;

PhD Students

Jamie Coates

The Chinese Community in Tokyo (Chair of panel: Professor Tessa Morris-Suzuki)

Catherine Hallett

Music in Kamigata Rakugo (Chair of panel: Dr Carol Hayes)

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