Linguistics & language learning

Dr Mark Gibeau

(School of Culture, History & Language)

Modern and contemporary Japanese literature; the problem of subjectivity in the Japanese postwar literary left; literary translation; translation theory; Okinawan fiction

Dr Carol Hayes

(School of Culture, History & Language)

Japanese language; Taisho poet Hagiwara Sakutaro and the ‘modernist’ movement in Japan; Japanese postwar literature and film.

Dr Peter Hendriks

(School of Culture, History & Language)

The history of Japanese language and dialects; historical Syntax and morphology; acquisition of Japanese as a second language

Mr Shun Ikeda

(School of Culture, History and Language)

Japanese language, education, culture and society; comparative education in Asia, and socio-linguistics (language policy and planning)

Dr Shunichi Ishihara

(School of Culture, History & Language)

Forensic voice/text comparison; speech science and technology; natural language processing; computational linguistics; intonational modelling; Japanese language and dialects; Japanese applied linguistics; CALL

Associate Professor Duck-Young Lee

(School of Culture, History & Language)

Japanese-Korean linguistics; discourse analysis; unique features of spoken language; Japanese language and education; language and culture in Korean diaspora in Australia

PhD Students

Rina Kikuchi

Women’s Poetry of the early Showa Japan: artistic and stylistic challenges of the doubly marginalized poet, Sagawa Chika (Chair of panel: Dr Carol Hayes)

Hyun Su Kim

Pragmatics of quotation markers in Korean and Japanese (Chair of panel: Dr Duck-Young Lee)

Ayuko Taguchi

Alternative teaching order for Japanese as a second language: Introducing the informal as a base level prior to the masu/desu style (Chair of panel: Mr Shun Ikeda)

Masahiro Toma

A study of refusals and apologies among learners of Japanese language (Chair of panel: Dr Duck-Young Lee)

Yoko Yonezawa

Personal reference terms in Japanese (Chair of panel: Dr Duck-Young Lee)

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