Dr Tomoko Akami

(School of Culture, History and Language)

Japan's news agencies and foreign policy; Japan's information policy in the 1930s; International relations; Asian history; Historical studies; Government and politics of Asia and the Pacific; Political theory and political philosophy. 

Dr Tomoko Akami

(School of Culture, History & Language)International Relations; Asian History; Historical Studies; Government And Politics Of Asia And The Pacific; Political Theory And Political Philosophy

Dr Ruth Barraclough

(School of Culture, History and Language)

Labour history in Japan and Korea; gender studies in Japan and Korea; Korean modern history ; the factory girl in Korean literature; literary translation; kisaeng and sex work; histories of bonded labour; socialist cultures; Red Love; Korea's Early Communist Women.

Professor Robert Cribb

(School of Culture, History and Language)

Repatriation of Japanese war criminals; Asian history; government and politics of Asia and the Pacific; professional ethics 

Professor Ann Kumar

(School of Culture, History and Language)

Early Japanese history; the nation-state in contemporary Southeast Asia; Indonesian politics; Asian history and cultural studies; Postcolonial studies; Indonesian Islam; The impact of the West on Indonesia; Indonesian history and writing traditions; Javanese theatre.

Emeritus Professor Gavan McCormack

(School of Culture, History and Language)

Modern Japanese (and East Asian) political, intellectual and environmental history; changing views of nature in the course of modernisation in Japan and East Asia; regional environmental history; struggles over the definition of past (especially China and Pacific wars) and future (beyond capitalism and the Cold War) identities in Japan; North Korea as regional and global problem in early 21st century.

Professor Tessa Morris-Suzuki

(School of Culture, History and Language)

Grassroots social and environmental movements in Japan, and in Northeast Asia more generally; border controls and migration in East Asia; national identity and ethnic minorities in Japan; modern Japanese historiography; human rights in Asia; globalization processes (with particular reference to Northeast Asia); memory and reconciliation in Northeast Asia; the Fukushima nuclear accident in social and historical context

Dr Li Narangoa

(School of Culture, History and Language)

Modern Japanese and Mongolian history, culture and politics; Japan's relations with other Asian countries and its colonial history, education, religion, literature and military; modern Mongolian history; identity and cities

Dr Keiko Tamura

(School of Culture, History and Language)

Australia-Japan relationship; Japan in Australian moving images; women and migration; expatriates in Japan; war and memory; Asian history; Pacific history (Excl. New Zealand and Maori); Australian history (Excl. Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander History); social and cultural anthropology.

Dr Shuge Wei

(School of Culture, History and Language)

Sino-Japanese war; modern Chinese history; media policy and international communications; grassroot movements in Taiwan and China.

PhD Students

Associate Professor Simon Avenell

(School of Culture, History, and Language)

Modern Japanese history; civic activism, civil society, and state-society relations in contemporary Japan; political thought in contemporary Japan; environmental history and environmentalism in contemporary Japan; transnational aspects of contemporary Japanese history; Japan in East Asia.

Danton John Leary

Performing the "Sacred Trust" - A Comparative Study of Japan and Australia's Experience with the League of Nations Mandates System (Chair of panel: Dr Tomoko Akami)

Andrew De Lisle

Sub-imperialism of the Japanese government-general of Korea, 1910-1931 (Chair of panel: Professor Narangoa Li)

Mo Tian

Propaganda and ideology construction of Manchukuo, through the Case of Manchuria Concordia Society (Chair of panel: Professor Narangoa Li)

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